“I applaud Carol Gambill for creating a man with so much pain who had to grow up fast to become a better man; thereby, proving to people that there is more than meets the eye upon past mistakes.”

~ Blackraven Reviews on Once Wild

“This is a story of second chances and deep abiding love. Pick it up and be swept way. Fall in love again and again. I just loved it.”

~ Night Owl Romance on Once Wild

“This is full of intense moments as well as some humor and steamy sex, but for me it was the intense struggle to find acceptance both within himself and society that made the story for me. I found it immensely satisfying.”

~ on Once Wild

“I recommend it to readers who enjoy a love story with a hard edge.”

~Author John Walker, Dark Retribution Series on Once Wild

“….no matter how dark the present, the future always holds hope of love and redemption. Life is full of surprises, twists and turns, and our saviors can come from the mostly unlikely places.”
~Author John Walker, Dark Retribution Series on Serranto’s Redemption

“….Carol Gambill’s Breaking Out Series are among the best of the new wave, a compelling study of how crime can become a way of life and the corrosive effect…” ~Author John Walker, Dark Retribution Series on the Breaking Out Series