Once Wild

Once Wild

Breaking Out Series, Book One

Released – October 19, 2009
(Third Edition: June 2016)

Night Owl Top Pick

Book half cover_Once Wild 2016

Shaun MacGregor was never one to care what people thought about him… but after returning after eight years of prison to the small coal-mining town of Ashland Pennsylvania, he literally has a run-in with town socialite, Maria Bellicia. This one night leads Shaun on a turbulent path to confront the guilt and regret; and all consequences of a reckless, troubled youth. As Maria helps peel away each painful layer, another adversary and complication yet emerges. As Shaun struggles to make the right decisions that will eventually allow him peace of mind and approval as a citizen of Ashland, Shaun is catapulted to an ultimate crossroad where he must face the biggest obstacle of his life: flee Ashland once and for all, or stay and fight for the only woman who has shown him true love and acceptance. .

Music by Widomin and Shannonsongs

Excerpt: Click Here


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