Far From Over

Far From Over

Breaking Out Series, Book Four

Released  – August 11, 2011

(Second Edition – October 2012)


It was all that Matt Lamont could do in keeping his life separated from his past, but now things were far from over. When a stranger, Autumn Reynolds, picks him up walking alone and confused along a country road, Matt is reluctant with the assistance that eventually brings him back to a life of meaning. But there happens to be a little matter of dealing with his failing memory. When flashes of that memory begin to surface, they only tell of a seedy lifestyle filled with torment and heartache. Who is he and what had he done? Autumn helps link the pieces of the troubled past and brings him to the inevitable truth, but in the end, might Autumn be the one to ultimately suffer.

Music by: Oleg Serkov / Song: First Thing / Album: Epoch Symbol 

Excerpt: Click Here


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