Brannigan’s War

Brannigan’s War 
Breaking Out Series, Book Three
Released – January 11, 2011

Brannigan's War by Carol Gambill 

 Cover photo by: Cpl. Ryan Tomlinson  
“Use of this military image does not imply or constitute Department of Defense endorsement.” 

It was all that Corporal Mitch Brannigan could do to pull his life back together after being wounded in Iraq. He’d been through it all, experienced his share of confusion and mind-numbing pain but that was before he came to Houston with a promise and met Emily Billings. She was a battle of shear will and punishing emotions, but Emily Billings wasn’t going to deter him from keeping his promise.

Emma wasn’t able to handle much more after the loss of her brother. Now, some egotistical Marine–with an attitude the size of her home state–intrudes uninvited at her parent’s home. His overbearing presence cues her to recall everything her brother once stood for and presently, can’t quite stomach. The man embodying honor, country and duty had to leave–if it was the last thing she ever did.

It is one thing to come back from war and feel its affect, but it was another to accept defeat. Now, Cpl. Mitch Brannigan has come back after his second tour in Iraq and with wounds much deeper than the physical. He will fight to overcome the denunciation, dishonor and pain that could place him just another wounded Veteran of the United States.

Music by: Else, Song: The 8 Bells of Oblivion

Excerpt: Click Here


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