Once Wild Ebook Giveaway


You’re probably wondering why another edition??

I happened to question this myself and came to the realization that I had to have my first novel a comfortable, smooth ride on the ez-street of reading and a creation that I could be completely proud of. After three attempts, I’m finally there and fulfilled!

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Happy July 4th!

july 4th_ver5

Well, Happy 4th to all, wherever one may be!

Updating my website has been a neglect and one that I have to apologize for because some of you out there that have been awaiting a new book from me. I have been diligently working  on my third edition of Once Wild.

I know, I know… really, not again. But I must say that this will be my final version… with this one. It has been my baby from the start and I must see it in its finest form so I then can continue forward with the next (NEW) book.🙂

Truly, believe me…

“Bring the Rain” to come (with a downpour) next year! I know… cheesy much.

Love to all my dedicated readers!

Enter My ‘Neighborly Deception’ Givieaway on Goodreads

When Cat Lamarck moves into the neighborhood, she quickly discovers her neighbor has more attitude than a protective grizzly bear over a cub. However, Cat will be forced to undertake the near impossible, and give her neighbor a chance to prove that he isn’t the person that everyone believes him to be.

In your neighborhood…

Watching, even spying on a neighbor…

Chances are everyone has done it at one time or another, but for Cat and Mikey things get personal and lines are crossed. Do they avoid one another and stay strangers, or will they eventually view each other in another light?

Neighborly Deception by Carol Gambill

Neighborly Deception by Carol Gambill Released July 17 2015 For giveaway details, click the link below»